Three important conditions for choosing food for cats

If you make the wrong choice of food, you will die

Cat food cannot be given what humans eat, but what food is given is determined by the cat The bait is very important to the health of the cat, and the bait chosen by the owner will affect the cat’s physical health and life expectancy, so such a thing is fine.

It does not go Cat food given to cats contains nutrients necessary for cat growth, whether they contain sufficient amounts for health and unnecessary or harmful additives for cats.You need to make sure that the cat is not in it and give it to the cat.

It is important to choose food according to the age of the cat

Cat food that can be fed with confidence can be provided on a dry food basis so that cats can continue to receive the necessary nutrition.Dry foods have a good nutritional balance and can provide cats with the nutritional tail they need every day.

In addition, there is a merit that the stomach is less painful even on a hot day like summer.In addition, when dry food is given, cats are less likely to have caries compared to wet food.

Handmade food is difficult to provide the cat with the necessary nutrition on a daily basis, while dry food can provide enough nutrition on a daily basis.Also, the second point in choosing cat food is to avoid cat foods that have grain on top of cat food ingredients.

When cereals are listed as the first raw material, they contain wheat and corn that cats don’t need.Cats are naturally carnivores, so they get their energy from protein.

This protein creates muscle, hair, and skin Grains such as wheat are difficult for cats to digest, so it is better not to give cats the first ingredient that contains cereals.

You can also choose a cat food made from raw materials that contain a lot of protein, but we recommend that you have a moderate amount of rice. The third point in choosing cat food is to choose a cat food that does not contain additives that are harmful to cats Some dry foods that you should avoid include additives that are harmful to cats.

Avoid coloring or fragrances where the ingredients are written.It is also important to choose a cat food that is appropriate for the cat’s age Cats require different nutrients depending on their age, so when choosing cat food, it is important to make sure that you choose the cat that matches your cat’s age.Cat is a member of an important family.We recommend that you choose a cat food that will keep your precious cat healthy.

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