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This term was applied to the animal with which a relationship of friendship is established between him and man, since raising these animals, such as a dog, cat, or even a horse, enters pleasure into the heart of its owner who keeps and takes care of it, but what is interesting is that this pleasure is reciprocal.

This is because taking care of this animal introduces pleasure to his heart as well, and thus this relationship can be described as symbiotic. Because of its benefit to both parties.

The acquisition of a pet is not limited to the present time, rather it is a very old matter, as some of these animals, such as dog and cat, were associated with ancient civilizations and have become symbols in them, as is that the case within the Egyptian civilization, and it’s worth noting that the history of the method of domestication of animals Interferes with the domestication process, and it is likely that the dog was the first animal domesticated as a pet.

The man noticed that dogs have agility, speed, and strong jaws; It can also be relied upon for hunting, and in return for all of that, dogs get leftovers at a lower cost, noting that the organisms that folks take as pets, such as the cat, the dog, the horse, et al. are many and varied.

Getting ready to have a pet

Pets need care, attention, and appropriate conditions. Not only is that this animal brought home, but a group of things must be taken into consideration, including:

Time and energy: The acquisition of a pet must deduct a neighborhood of the time and effort of the owner, a bit like other responsibilities, and this matter isn’t quite easy.

The breeder must make the trouble and provides attention, and for instance, dogs need constant care; The dog should be taken for a walk 3 times each day, and therefore the puppies should be fed two to fourfold every day, relying on their age, additionally to the dogs need to play, which may end within the destruction of a number of the home’s possessions. this is often easier for cats and birds;

they’re doing not need much time or effort like dogs, additionally to the actual fact that cats need from one to three meals each day, and kittens, have about three to four meals each day, bearing in mind that it’s necessary to take care of the cleanliness of the sand that the cat releases.

In it, and changing it from a day today, it’s worth noting that it’s necessary to concentrate on the very fact that domestic cats don’t go outside the house. this is often to be safe from diseases and external dangers, like car accidents.

As for birds, they have to supply them with water, clean their cage, and diversify the sorts of food that are presented to them, such as different bird seeds, fruits, and vegetables, to not mention that there are some species that like better to spend time outside the cage, like Cockatiels parrot.

Financial capacity: The pet itself could also be inexpensive, but the acquisition of a pet of a valuable breed, additionally to the requirements that need caring for it, won’t be free, starting from the price of this animal, through the food, and thus the wants it needs, as an example, dogs are considered the foremost expensive in American society, followed by cats, then rabbits, then small mammals, then birds.

The average age of the animal: There are many folks who don’t take into account the standard age of the animal they have to possess. The dog, or the cat, may reach its age of about 20 years, and this long average may cause many diseases for it, which require expenses and requirements increasing with time.

Therefore, an individual must take under consideration the duration that this pet can live, his ability to touch the presence of his pet, and an appropriate strategy to require care of him, additionally to picking pets with fewer requirements.

Responsibilities of the educator: The person should consider the responsibilities entrusted to him, and research the suitability of the conditions to bring a pet, and concentrate on finding out answers to many questions, such as: Does the presence of a pet affect children? How big is that the yard?

in fact, experts are often consulted, and reference is formed to references, books, and therefore the web. to get the knowledge he wants, and to succeed in a far better understanding about the characteristics of various animals, and thus the power to settle on the acceptable animal and therefore the appropriate breed.

Benefits of owning a pet

The presence of a pet benefits its owner, as there are some positives associated with this matter, including:

Maintaining physical fitness: Pets need regular activities, during which the breeder may be a partner repeatedly, and if the dog is that the choice, then the breeder is forced to require it for a walk, and during a recent study it had been found that 36% of the owners of those animals have actually lost their weight.

A positive impact on social life: a walk with dogs around, for instance, is an appropriate opportunity to satisfy a lover or get to understand new people that may share an equivalent interest we’ve.

  • Teaching children some values: The presence of pets in children gives them a way of responsibility, through caring, providing the required look after them, and feeding them at an equivalent time in order that they enjoy once they accomplish such a thing.

The downsides of owning a pet

The health aspect is one of the most important aspects that a person must take into account when owning pets. Many experts and veterinarians believe that there are many risks that a pet may share with its owners, such as ringworm, hookworms, Giardia and Salmonella, Tapeworms, bubonic plague, and Toxoplasmosis;

The downsides of owning a pet

Therefore, it is imperative to take care and caution when bringing any animal from it, take care of it, and monitor its health condition with the veterinarian regularly, taking into account washing hands after petting or touching it constantly.

Animals you can have at home

Cats: are considered cats of the most favorite pet to the owners, where I grew up a distinctive friendship association between cats and humans, knowing that humans had reached this conclusion cat nearly more than four thousand years, and the cats were highly appreciated; This is due to its great hunting potential, but today, its gentle and likable behavior, in addition to the emerging bond between cats and humans;

They made it a favorite animal for many, and there are many varied cat breeds, of which more than 48 are in Australia alone, and it is worth noting that the cat is distinguished by its ability to hunt skillfully, in addition to its activity, and its likable behavior, and there are a set of fun facts that characterize cats, Of which Cats have thirty teeth, most of which are sharp.

Cats have a reflective layer in their eyes called Tapetum Iucidum, which helps them see better in dim light, about six times more than humans. Cats have 32 muscles in their ears. This helps her to hear better. Cats’ ears help to keep their balance and correct themselves when they fall. Cats rub their bodies against walls and humans. To transfer the scent from glands in its body to these bodies: This is in order to communicate.

Dogs: are considered dog – friendly favorite with many people; Because of their characteristics, and some believe that the first appearance of domesticated wolves was fifteen thousand years ago in the Middle East, but a study of the bone of a Siberian dog showed that its age reaches 35 thousand years and that the age of the domestication process ranges between 27 thousand to 40 thousand Year.

Scientists believe that gray wolves have been domesticated somewhere in western Eurasia and that wolves, in general, have been attracted to human camps where food remains, and some of them have even begun to travel with wandering humans, which has created a kind of natural selection, and with the passage of time these creatures have become Pets are human-owned as we see it now.

Rabbits: Man started raising rabbits in the middle ages, specifically in the continents of Europe and Africa, where rabbits are distinguished by long ears and legs and dense fur. She never makes a loud noise, in addition to that she can be taught to play some games and use the litter box.

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