How to choose bait for long hair type

It is very important to choose food that cats have

Recently, long-haired cats have become popular. The charm is beautiful and fluffy fur. The fur is made with daily food. Therefore, let’s choose the food that is suitable for long-haired cats.

Long-haired cats can have pilling problems, such as skin problems or swallowing a lot of pills and preventing them from discharging. In order to prevent skin problems, it is important to eat something with a good nutritional balance.

The price is a little high, but what is called premium food is recommended. Premium foods contain high-quality proteins, and cereals are mostly made in small quantities.

The staple food of wild cats is mainly protein such as mice and birds, so it can be said that it is close to the cat’s original diet. Good protein will keep your skin in good condition. Good skin condition also improves fur. Cats are not very good at digesting cereals.

Some inexpensive cat foods contain a lot of grain. Consciousness and other symptoms may be seen with high grain intake. If you are giving food that contains cereal as raw material and has symptoms such as constipation, changing the food may improve the situation.

Do not forget to check the cat’s physical condition by grooming

Another is the problem of pills. Especially cats with a senior or weak gastrointestinal tract may have pilling symptoms, in which the pills do not come out of the stomach.

Even short-haired varieties can cause pilling, but long-haired breeds need to be especially careful because of the large amount of hair swallowed by single grooming. The main symptom of pilling is constipation or inability to exhale, even if you blow it out. Cats are creatures that often vomit. Vomiting pills is a common practice.

However, it is an abnormal condition that you do not come out when you try to exhale. You need to see a hospital immediately. Drugs are used to remove the hairballs and feces, but if that doesn’t work, surgery will be needed to remove them.

To prevent pilling, groom your skin with a brush. Doing so will reduce the amount of swallowed hair. Also, foods such as pill care are sold. The cat’s physical condition is reflected in the fur. A poorly sick cat will have a bad coat, and a healthy cat will have a good coat. Check your cat’s condition by grooming the owner. Food selection is very important for cats to stay healthy forever.

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