Dog Accessories

Dog Strollers

Dog Strollers

Dog strollers are a great accessory to have when you need to travel with your pet. They make it easy to transport your dog through an airport, train station or anywhere you need to go and eliminate the need for you to carry a heavy carrier or cage.

For dogs with hip problems, arthritis or a visual impairment, or older dogs, having a stroller allows you to take him out for fresh air and sunshine which is essential to good health and happiness.

Buying the right stroller for your dog

Most dog strollers are made to transport dogs up to about sixty pounds, puppies, cats or other small animals. styles and colors. Some are made to go on any terrain, have three wheels instead of four, while others are similar to baby strollers.

Important things to consider when purchasing dog strollers are the size and weight of your dog, finding a stroller with proper ventilation and removable padding that is waterproof. We found several great resources of dog strollers at reasonable.

Dog Clothes

Dog Clothes

Dog clothes are meant to be not just fashionable but functional as well. When winter hits, keeping your best friend warm and dry is essential and easier than ever. You can outfit your dog is some of today’s most comfortable dog clothes, while still allowing your pet to be contented and relaxed.

Choose from dog jackets and sweaters to dog coats and sweatshirts. You can even get special raincoats for those wet and stormy days and boots-made of various materials to keep doggy paws dry, warm and safe from the elements. Deciding how best to suit up your pup depends on his or her size, breed and personality Dog Clothes .

How to buy dog clothes

It may seem simple enough; you have a small dog, so order a small t-shirt, right? Well, it should be that easy to purchase dog clothes and thankfully it is not much more difficult than that.

You do want to measure your pooch and there are several resources that will teach you how to do this correctly so you can order the right size in any kind of dog clothing you are looking for Dog Clothes.

Dog Sweaters

Dog Sweaters

From cable knits to faux fur lined pullovers, dog sweaters are the best way to bundle up your pooch while keeping him/her looking chic during the frigid winter months. In fact, short-haired breeds, older dogs, puppies and dogs with special health ailments should most definitely wear sweaters on walks during the coldest season.

The good news is that today, there are dog sweaters in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.

How to buy dog sweaters

When it comes to Dog Sweaters the choices are numerous. You can get four-legged sweaters, ones that just cover the front legs or ones that have no “legs” and just cover the dog’s trunk, back, and tummy.

Having the abdomen covered is really important for those pups who live where there are extreme weather conditions because as well all know, a dog still has to go outside. We did our homework so you don’t have to, and found several great sites that have a large selection of dog wear-even comfy fleece pajamas!

Keep your pet safe and warm with the right sweater

Although they may look cute, dog sweaters do play an important role in a dog’s life during the coldest months of the year. Choose the sweater that will be most comfortable for your dog and he/she will be happy to wear it.

Dog Costumes

Dog Accessories

This Halloween, think dog costumes! Hey, your kids have lots of fun, why not your dog, too? Now you can dress up your pooch in a spooky, silly, fancy, superhero or other costume and take him/her along for great trick or treating fun.

We gave our yellow lab some bunny ears last Halloween and he got more attention than any of the kids- which was ok since they got the candy!

Buying dog costumes is easy and fun

Whether you want your little angel to dress up like a devil or a cowboy, there are a variety of great dog costumes available online at reasonable prices.

We found bride, princess and fairy godmother costumes, fireman, the policeman and various superhero dog costumes, even an Elvis outfit that looked outta sight! If you like licensed characters-get a Star Wars, Buzz Lightyear or Mickey Mouse costume. You name it, we found it-and most of the dog costumes we saw come in all sizes.

From bunny ears to batman-your dog will love their costume

On Halloween or anytime, dressing up is fun and now your dog can join in. Hundreds of dog costumes are available online at great prices so start shopping!

Designer Dog Carriers

Designer Dog Carriers

When looking for a designer dog carrier it’s important that the carrier be well designed and attractive. A designer dog carrier that has been constructed well will be roomy enough for your dog to sit, stand, lay and sleep comfortably. It should have enough ventilation and some type of mesh paneling so that your dog can see out.

Keeping your dog safe inside their carrier is also critical, so be sure you choose one that has either a safety cord or leash inside and a closure for the top.

What to look for in designer dog carriers

Great looking designer dog carriers are the perfect complement to any of your wardrobe selections and will house your pooch safely and happily no matter where you go. If you’re planning to travel with your dog, choose a lightweight carrier with extra padding for added comfort.

Perhaps most importantly, be sure to purchase a designer dog carrier that can be cleaned and that has a padded bottom that is both removable and washable.

If you plan to take your dog with you on an airplane, your dog carrier must have plenty of ventilation, fit under the seat, and be equipped with the proper safety devices so he/she cannot get out.

Designer dog carriers are the perfect accessory

Dress up or dress down-you’ll always have your precious pup around with a designer dog carrier. Remember to look for well-designed carriers that can keep your dog comfortable and safe. Designer dog carriers will make you and your pet look smashing!

Sunglasses For Dogs

Dog Accessories

Although they look hip and very stylish, sunglasses for dogs do serve a very important purpose in a dog’s life. Just like humans, dog’s eyes can be sensitive to sun, wind, rain and other harsh elements. Protecting your dog’s eyes is made easy with the right pair of sunglasses.

How to buy sunglasses for dogs

Since they are made for dogs, they are designed to be comfortable, stay on, fit correctly and be secure during many doggy activities like running, walking, jumping and of course, the all-important, hanging your head out the car window! The most popular pair of sunglasses for dogs these days seems to be Doggles® and they are made in various sizes, colors, and styles.

We found several sites that sell sunglasses for dogs at reasonable prices and that offer great tips on how to measure your dog to get a perfect size.

Protect your pooch with sunglasses

Ensure your pet is safe, comfortable and protected against harsh sun, wind, rain and other elements by getting him/her a pair of sunglasses. Measure your dog and get the perfect size so he/she will be as happy to wear them as you are to wear yours on a bright, sunny day. Sunglasses For Dogs look great and will keep your beloved pet healthy.


Doggles protective eyewear for dogs is more than just a cool looking accessory for your pet. Just like humans, dogs are subject to harsh UV light and wind. And unlike other dog sunglasses, Doggles protect your dog from 100% of the harmful UV rays.

Shatterproof lenses make Doggles safe to wear during any activity and make sticking your head out the car window a lot more fun! Doggles protect your dog from getting any foreign objects or debris in his/her eyes and shields against wind and other potentially dangerous items.

Doggles look great and are comfortable, too.

Doggles are designed to fit your dog comfortably; after all, if they’re not, your pet won’t wear them. Two adjustable straps, one behind the head and the other under the chin, ensure Doggles will stay in place, while special foam padding makes them extra soft and non-intrusive against the face.

Training your dog to wear Doggles is easy.

Just like anything else, something new always takes getting used to. Be patient with your pooch and assure him/her that it is ok the first few times you put the Doggles on. Try not to let your dog claw or scratch them off-and remember not to put Doggles on indoors, only in bright sunlight-after all, if you can’t see well with dark sunglasses on indoors, neither can your pup.

Also, it’s a great idea to engage your dog in an activity he/she enjoys when you first put their Doggles on-that way he/she might focus on the fun rather than his/her new eyewear.

No dog should be without Doggles

Protect your pet from the harmful rays of the sun and other elements like wind, foreign debris, etc. Doggles eyewear were created to fit any dog and make a great fashion statement at the same time!

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